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The "Brand China" micro video is a documentary program with the theme of focusing on the development of corporate brands. Adapting to the micro era, emphasizing micro investment, micro production, and micro duration, shaping brand image in a short, refined, and flexible form, and showcasing brand power.

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China's market for foreign business improves, offers further potential: British chamber head 英国商会会长: 中国外贸市场改善,潜力进一步提升

Trade, economic cooperation between China, Central Asian countries on fast lane: analyst 专家分析:中国与中亚国家之间的经贸合作步入快车道

China’s shipbuilding sector sees steady Q1 growth, keeps leading market 中国造船业第一季度稳步增长,保持市场领先

Zimbabwean blueberry producers seek access to Chinese market 津巴布韦蓝莓生产商寻求进入中国市场

Beijing launches anti-dumping probe into polyformaldehyde copolymer from EU, US, Japan and Taiwan island 中国对欧盟、美国、日本和中国台湾的聚甲醛共聚物发起反倾销调查

Chinese agricultural experts see great potential for soybean imports from Russia, a win-win cooperation 农业专家:从俄罗斯进口大豆潜力巨大,合作共赢

Peru, China forging robust economic ties, with vast potential for cooperation: Peruvian foreign minister 秘鲁外交部长:秘鲁与中国创建牢固的经济关系,两国合作潜力巨大

Highlights of China-Russia economic and trade cooperation 中俄经贸合作亮点 (图解)

Kenya hosts China-Africa economic trade expo amid growing Sino-African ties 中非关系不断发展,肯尼亚举办中非经贸博览会

GT Voice: India’s ambitions can foster complementarity with China 环球之声:中印双边贸易具有互补优势,经济合作潜力巨大

China's CPI up 0.3% in April, signaling steady demand recovery: NBS 国家统计局:4月份CPI上涨0.3% 需求稳步回升

China allows the import of Hungarian fresh cherries that meet relevant requirements 中国允许进口符合相关要求的匈牙利鲜樱桃,推动中匈农业贸易合作