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The "Brand China" micro video is a documentary program with the theme of focusing on the development of corporate brands. Adapting to the micro era, emphasizing micro investment, micro production, and micro duration, shaping brand image in a short, refined, and flexible form, and showcasing brand power.

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Absa opens Beijing office to unlock trade, investment opportunities, show confidence in China market 南非联合银行开设北京办事处,释放贸易和投资机会,展现对中国市场的信心

Surge in China’s outward processing brings new opportunities to Asia 中国外加工贸易崛起, 为亚洲经济注入新动力

N.China's Tianjin port launches new route to S.America's east coast 天津港开通至南美洲新航线

MOFCOM launches anti-dumping investigation into imports of India’ s cypermethrin 商务部对进口印度氯氰菊酯发起反倾销立案调查

GT Voice: Success of China-France farm trade may offer lessons for US 环球之声:中法农产品贸易的成功或可为美国提供借鉴

China-Serbia free trade agreement to take effect on July 1 中塞自贸协定将于7月1日生效

China's FX reserves decline within controllable range, underpinned by strong economic fundamentals: expert 专家:中国经济的强劲基本面,为外汇储备稳定提供了支撑

China-Russia Expo offers dynamic platform for boosting trade, economic cooperation: MOFCOM 商务部:中俄博览会促进两国经贸合作

China-Ecuador free trade agreement effective from May 1: MOFCOM 商务部:中厄自贸协定5月1日起生效

China, France to strengthen agricultural cooperation, pledging to open doors wider to each other 中法加强农业合作 扩大相互开放的大门

China signs 18 deals with France to expand economic cooperation, opening up wider for France, Europe中国与法国签署18项协议,扩大经济合作,扩大对法国和欧洲的开放

China secures 76% of global shipbuilding orders in April data 4月,中国造船订单占全球76%