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The "Brand China" micro video is a documentary program with the theme of focusing on the development of corporate brands. Adapting to the micro era, emphasizing micro investment, micro production, and micro duration, shaping brand image in a short, refined, and flexible form, and showcasing brand power.

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Red Sea crisis puts China-Europe freight rail in spotlight 红海危机让中欧班列成为焦点

Diplomatic envoys’ Hainan tour deepens business cooperation thanks to high-quality BRI development 大使团海南行,深化商务合作 助力“一带一路”高质量发展

CNBC: China has strong fundamentals and should remain a focus for businesses, Singapore trade minister says CNBC:新加坡贸易部长表示,中国基本面强劲,应继续成为外国企业关注的焦点

China's Q1 foreign trade surge signals economic upturn 中国第一季度外贸激增预示经济好转

China's 'new three' industries: Powering global economic recovery 中国的“新三”产业推动全球经济复苏

China-proposed BRI builds bridges, not walls, demonstrating cooperation, openness needed for global development: envoy 阿塞拜疆特使:中国提出的“一带一路”建设是桥梁而不是围墙,展示了全球发展所需的合作和开放

China home to 369 unicorn enterprises: report 报告显示,中国共有369家独角兽企业

Reuters: Beijing auto show Foreign automakers eager for Chinese partners 路透社:全球汽车制造商在北京车展寻求中国企业合作

China will continue to assist Asia-Pacific countries to rapidly develop their economies under BRI framework: experts 中国将继续协助亚太国家在“一带一路”框架下快速发展经济


Canton Fair's 2nd phase kicks off with influx of overseas buyers 广交会第二期开幕,大量海外采购商涌入

Azerbaijan hoping to attract more Chinese investors amid closer economic relations 阿塞拜疆希望吸引更多中国投资者,中国成为阿塞拜疆的第二大进口来源国